With futuriX reap what is entitled to you

As a Swiss provider for a global market, we develop and implement comprehensive standard software which covers the entire value chain of the retirement-planning-oriented financial services industry and companies. Our products have a multi-lingual user interface, are upgradable and capable of handling multiple clients and currencies. The IT components are based on the latest software architecture and always provide the right answer for the demands of the market. With our products you achieve a proven competitive advantage thanks to a rapid market launch. Our system solutions can connect easily with self-developed software or standard commercially available software via interfaces. In addition, we can with our consulting services provide a comprehensive solution proposal for requirements and problems. This service is realized within the framework of a project with the clients, partners and GPS. The operation of the complete solution is ensured through our highly qualified technical support team – either in our data processing center or as in-house solution. A comprehensive solution is guaranteed on the basis of our know-how, our solution components and our worldwide partner network.

futuriX the building blocks for the solutions of your future