Global Pension Solutions introduces the Swiss pension system at the actuary conference on 28 May, 2017.

Due to the pension reform in Germany, Global Pension Solutions gave an insight into the swiss defined contribution model at the actuary conference.

The Motion Stahl was accepted

A few days ago the Motion Stahl was accepted. This means insured, with an annual salary over 126.000 Sfr., are able to invest at their own risk, without the employer assuming liability for eventual losses.

What can be learned from the US in Switzerland

A change in the law will make it easier for high earners to drive Swiss pension funds with individual investment choices (called 1e - plans). In the US, such plans are common.

Global Pension Solutions offers now Orchestra Networks implementation services

We are always interested in expanding our activities, to deepen current and future customer relationships. Therefore it’s a pleasure for us to announce, that Global Pension Solutions is now the official distribution and implementation partner of Orchestra Networks in Switzerland.

Switzerland: The Motion of National Councilor Jürg Stahl (2008) is on the move!

In recent days, the Federal Council sent the message to adapt the Freedom of Movement Law to the parliament. There is a reasonable prospect that within a short time pension solutions with individual asset allocation (1e-plans) can be applied usefully in Switzerland. For companies that are accounted under IAS or US GAAP defined contribution plans move within range. With the product suite futuriX Global Pension Solutions has solution modules for 1e plans. For years, in Switzerland and other countries, our services and our software are in use in the field of IAP (Individual Asset Plans, 1e). With futuriX you remain independent of financial service providers in the plan implementation. Please contact us to find the ideal plan design for your company. We can show you what innovative opportunities exist in the context of 1e-plans for your company. (

New Corporate Design

A good corporate design is always an integral part of a company's strategic approach. Therefore, our new corporate design does not only lend formal arrangement, but also characterizes our image and mission. With a clearly structured corporate design that leaves plenty of room for individual presentation. The current corporate design is used for office correspondence, websites, publications and other prepared materials

For our company logo and picture material we decided for the squirrel. It’s not just seen positively in every culture worldwide but it also symbolizes the mechanic of pension very well. Just like the squirrel collects nuts and stores them for the winter (create the future), you invest currently available capital profitably for your future pension.

It might happen that a nut gets lost. However in nature new life arises by that lost nut. This sustainability in the nature has led us to put our corporate design in a nature context. That’s why our pension software futuriX along with all its opportunities and features is shown as a broken up walnut as center respectively as platform with further nuts symbolizing the features.